About K'NiQ BuTiQ

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”


“We are uniquely made by God and we should love and embrace the way he made each of us.”

The Struggle is Real! it can be challenging trying to put together the "perfect look" or shop for the "right outfit" to cover up what we feel are physical flaws or dealing with the pressures of having to dress or look a certain kind of way because of social trends. 

These realities can make us begin to forget who we are as individuals and most importantly who we are in Christ. 

 At K'NiQ BuTiQ we become your personal stylist! Our clothing collections will help you piece together the "right style" just for you!


No matter what you wear you should never be made to feel that wearing simple or basic styles are boring - because that is far from the truth! Fashion is not about what is always trendy or popular but its more about what makes you feel good and helps your inner personality shine to reveal the true YOU!

K'NiQ BuTiQ offers classic, contemporary, and simplistic styles comfortable to wear around the house but stylish enough for the work-at-home professional to be camera ready for a video meeting, spend a day at the office, a dinner date with the hubby, or a casual "put together" look for Sunday church service.

No matter the occasion we have what you are looking for - including the accessories and shoes too! 

“We make simplistic and basic styles look 'put together' for any lifestyle.”